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Take Life for a Ride

Situated in Achrol near Jaipur, Moto Sport Park is the first adventure park in India which provides fast-paced buggy rides. Therefore promising adventure unlike any in India. It’s an adventure meant for people who like pace, power & and the sweet sound of roaring 4*4 engines. From beginners to experienced thrill seekers, adventurers of all levels feel at home when they visit our premises.

So if you and your friends like a little speed, power & adventure in your lives – come to Moto Sport Park.


Adventure Activities
  • Buggy Rides: Our Star Attraction – Drive thunderous vehicles on thrilling off-road tracks and experience speed & power at their very best.
  • ATV: Drive a powerful 500cc ATV through our extreme desert tracks filled with steep hills, lopsided curves and crazy bumps.
  • Ziplining: Descend from high mountains at lightning fast speeds, understand the true meaning of a ‘Superhero Landing’.
  • Valley Crossing: Fly like an eagle over treacherous Rajasthani valleys & feel ‘high on life’.
  • Commando Course: Test your fitness & strength by facing physical obstacles faced by trained commandos – the perfect outlet of a fitness junkie.
  • 4*4 Rides: Perfect for families & groups looking to go on an adventure together. Our drivers take you for a ride on the most thunderous of roads for the thrills & memories of a lifetime.
  • Nature Treks: Discover nature first-hand by taking a quiet & calming walk through the woods. Perfect to get in touch with yourself and the Earth.
  • Gyptain Safari: Take a thrilling 2-3 hr. long journey with you and your loved ones through Rajasthani villages, wildlife & culture. Trek & ride on the top of mountains and get a taste of Rajasthani vistas at their very best.


Introducing India’s 1st & Only Buggy Rides


The Batman

With an acceleration of 0-100 in just 8 seconds, this baby is the crème de la crème of buggy rides. You will get addicted to speed & power after driving this powerful & unique vehicle.


Rage Cyclone

True to its name, this ride is pure hell on earth. Rage Cyclone’s 4-Stroke, 996cc engine can outrun almost anything. And make you feel like a true thrill-a-holic!


RZR Polaris

760cc @ 6200 rpm. Driving this will make you like a wild animal, only faster, meaner & crazier. Go for it if you love pace & thunder.


Hammer Head

If you’re a newbie adventurer who’s looking for a starting point, look no further than the Hammer Head. Speedy & chippy, this mean machine will give you Goosebumps like very few buggies can.



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