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Happiness in the Wilderness


You will understand life once you spend a night in the wild. At Tamboo, we organise Dune Party & Camping experiences for you and your friends. So visit us if your ‘group’ is tired of the whole ‘clubbing’ culture, they want to try new things & they like the outdoors. We will provide a personalised camping experience with endless possibilities, so you can party exactly how you want to, under the most beautiful night sky you will ever see.

Simply put, Tamboo is a Dune camping experience created for party animals, peace lovers & nature enthusiasts alike, it is for anyone & everyone looking for a unique & memorable experience.


  • Overnight Camping: Spend a quaint night on the top of a Sand Dune with a few close friends under a starry night sky and experience the breezy desert winds first hand.
  • Live Barbecue: Our experienced chefs prepare the most succulent & tender of snacks which make everyone go ‘mmmmm.’
  • Bar Setup: We provide all the glassware, ice and other accompaniments you might need to drink like a fish in the middle of the desert.
  • Dock Music: Play the perfect music which blends with the serene, open surroundings and leaves you at complete peace.
  • Live DJ/Dholwala: In case you love to shake a leg & then some, we provide Live DJ & Live Dholwalas as well.
  • Dinner: Treat your taste buds with our high-quality, lavish dinner and end the evening on a splendid note.
  • Party Games: Fun groups games such as Tug of War & Australian trolley among many others ensure no party will ever be a dud.
  • Dune Tour: Get a feel for the Rajasthani Desert in our thrilling 4*4 desert rides. Every tour is filled with adventure & lasts at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Morning Nature Trek: Join our team for a morning trek across the Aravalli Hills and experience nature at its finest.
  • Breakfast: Just like a good Indian host, we won’t let you leave on an empty stomach. All overnight campers are treated to mouth-watering breakfast before leaving our premises.






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